PvM Leeches Strategies

This repository is created to give sellers an overview of how every service will work for both Mainscapers & Ironmen.

An overview of all of our available pages with information for both customers and sellers in the PvM Leeches Discord server.

These pages will describe how the service should be sold and how you can guarantee loot for the customer.

Currently this document mainly discusses xlogs but in the future perhaps normal selling methods will be described too.

Sales & Service Rules

Before selling anything, please read our rules for sales and the service in general first. These can be found on the following page: Sales & Service-Rules

Ticketing System

A complete guide on how our ticketing system works can be found in here. If you have any questions feel free to tag @Support or @Moderator.

Calculating Discounts

Kingofitness made us a calculator to calculate the discount a customer should be given. This calculator can be found here

One thing to note that it calculates it for ALL SALES even if the discount doesn't apply to that service.

Below are the sales that are mentioned in the calculator but aren't actually discounted

  • Bundles
  • Skilling-supplies
  • Personal-records
  • Xlogs
  • Daredevil feats
  • Token/XP farming

Another way to find out if discounts apply to the service you're looking to sell is by using the /pcleeches command, followed by the service name.

Example: /pcleeches solak

Available Services